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Your electronic partner
We design, develop and manufacture standard and customized electronic functional systems and test equipments for many application fields
HV and LV harnesses
HW Simulators for systems and development
Custom Products and applications
Standard or custom designs
A&T 2023
Siamo espositori al A&T a Torino dal 22 al 24 Febbraio
Vieni a trovarci!
New 3D Printer
We've added a new 3D Printer for a better and faster way to make prototypes.
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Sede Legale: Via Fiume, 108 - 10088 Volpiano (TO) - Italia
Sede Operativa e Amm.: Via Trento, 135 - 10088 Volpiano (TO)
VAT: 08356800014 - SDI: WHP7LTE
Tel. +39.011.995.31.31 -
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